Perfect Plants Orchid Potting Mix is blended with all- natural ingredients that encourage orchid roots to climb and expand. Charcoal, Sponge Rock, Pine Bark, and Coconut Chips provide a well-balanced...


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Perfect Plants Orchid Potting Mix is blended with all- natural ingredients that encourage orchid roots to climb and expand. Charcoal, Sponge Rock, Pine Bark, and Coconut Chips provide a well-balanced environment for roots to grow to their full potential while absorbing maximum nutrients. Orchid roots also need access to water for when they go dry. Perfect Plants Orchid Mix is professionally blended to balance overall drainage while still giving roots access to moisture. Perfect Plants Orchid Potting Mix comes as 4 Dry Quarts in a 10x11" re-sealable, heavy duty bag — perfect for storage or later use. Read more PINE BARK Pine Bark absorbs nutrients and water and holds them where roots can access.It contains essential minerals needed by the orchid plant to survive. CHARCOAL Charcoal will absorb leftover "salt" from fertilizers that can damage the roots of orchid plants. It can also act as a potting mix conditioner — filtering harmful bacteria away from the roots. COCONUT CHIPS Coco Chips provide aeration to the mix and promote root growthThe lightweight chips do not break down as quickly as other bark mediums SPONGE ROCK Sponge Rock is very porous and can mix well with almost any potting media availableIt offers a neutral pH balance making it an ideal additive for sensitive plant roots Read more How to Care for Your Orchid It is no secret that Orchids can be sensitive to changes in their environment — but with the proper watering and fertilizing approach you can grow beautiful blooms year round. By potting your Orchid in Perfect Plants Orchid Potting Mix you are providing a stable and comfy home for your Orchid to grow. Allowing space for roots to stretch and expand is key in stem stability and will ultimately grow a stronger Orchid. How to Pot Your Orchid: Choose a container, we recommend one with drain holesFill the container 3/4 full with Orchid Potting Mix — leave a small, crater-like hole for your plantCarefully place your Orchid in the container, find the best position so roots can fitBe sure not to damage the roots or stemBackfill the remaining container space with Orchid Potting MixSpray with a spray bottle or place an ice cube on top of mix Tips for Watering Your Orchid Orchids do not require much water — be careful not to over water as this can drown the rootsWe recommend placing an ice cube at the base of the plant or using a spray bottle to saturate the potting mixOnly water when the roots have become dry — brown and mushy roots can be a sign of overwateringGeneral rule of thumb: Water with spray bottle or ice cube once a week Read more Pair With 'Orchid Food by Perfect Plants — Slow Release Fertilizer, 5oz. Bag Suitable for All Orchid Types and Other Acid-Loving Plants' Perfect Plants Orchid Fertilizer is a low-rate formula that will not harm or burn the roots of your epiphytes. Slow-Release Pellets will provide around the clock enrichment for your Orchid plant. How to Apply Orchid Fertilizer: Sprinkle 1/4 tsp. fertilizer per 2-inch diameter pot sizeTry to keep pellets from resting directly on rootsOne-time application for 6 months of enrichmentSpray with spray bottle after applying pellets Read more


  • ALL PURPOSE MIX Made with Charcoal, Sponge Rock, Pine Bark, Coconut Chips
  • ROOTS CAN CLIMB Orchid Roots love to climb and expand, this textured mix allows them to stretch to their full potential
  • AERATION Mix does not compact or suffocate orchid roots
  • DRAINAGE Orchids do not require frequent waterings but do require proper drainage, too much water can kill your orchid plant
  • HEAVY DUTY, RE-SEALABLE BAG Perfect for storage or later use

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  • Package Dimensions: 10.78 x 10.11 x 3.26 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • Manufacturer: PERFECT PLANTS

All Natural Orchid Potting Mix 4qts. by Perfect Plants

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