Have you suffered from menstrual cramps or severe pain during the monthly cycle? Do you also have very bad backache or stomach cramps? Are they sometimes so bad that you...


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Have you suffered from menstrual cramps or severe pain during the monthly cycle? Do you also have very bad backache or stomach cramps? Are they sometimes so bad that you just stay in bed with a plugged heating pad or a warm bottle? If you don’t like to take pain reliever pills or any other medication, having natural means to manage the pain is a lifesaver. Introducing the Care Me Heating Patches. Our heat pads are specifically designed to relieve menstrual-cramp pain while providing soothing heat to relax muscles and ease the pain. Attach them and continue doing your work, study, and play as you normally do. These heat pads steadily produce heat over 8-10 hours, so you get continuous heat therapy relief from cramping and comfort during the daytime. They are easy to use, just open the pack, allow to heat for about 20 minutes, and peel & stick on the underwear. The pad heats up to the right amount and provides up to 10 hours of continuous heat and comfort, which is enough to help with the severe cramps and pain. You will feel the pain is lessened, if not completely alleviated, meaning you’ll be able to move around and get things done, and not be stuck in bed crumpled over. Care me Menstrual Cramp Relief Hot Packs are an ideal solution for severe abdominal cramps, PMS, lower back pain. Wear anywhere - These heating pads fit into your busy lifestyles: no matter you are at work, in the school, at travel or on the go, they accompany you through the toughest time of the month. Use for other purposes - Care me heat wraps can be used not only for the monthly cycle days but also for any day as a body warmer particularly in the cold winter. The warmers also help with women who have a difficult time to fertilize due to the cold uterus. Natural Heat Therapy Pack for PMS Relief Key Features Therapeutic Heat for a Maximum Pain Relief The natural heat penetrates deeply into your sore muscles to alleviate the pain at an ideal therapeutic temperature of 145-154°F (63-68°C) by promoting blood flow and relaxing muscles contractions to relieve menstrual cramps. Fast-Acting & Long- Lasting Pain Relief Heats up in minutes and will reach the peak temperature in an hour. Provides consistent and therapeutic heat and warming comfort for up to 10 hrs of pain relief. Large Size & Ultra-Thin Design Perfectly covers woman’s womb and ovaries or either side of the lower back. Its slim design also makes it discreet & comfortable to wear wherever you go. 100% Safe & Natural Ingredients Care Me heat pads use pure and natural premium quality iron powder and ginger to ease pain and provide all-day warming comfort. No chemicals or odor. Just quick and all-natural heating for pain relief. Read more Care me vs. other Leading Brands Numerous uses Menstrual Pain Relief The therapeutic heating of the Care Me patches helps ease the muscle contraction to relieve the pain related to menstrual cramps. Body Warmer Since it produces natural therapeutic heat, our heat patches can be used to warm up body in winter or cold season and boost your circulation in times of need. Womb Care Treatment This patch helps cure the “cold uterus” which symptoms contain having cold hands and feet, feeling cold, lack of libido, fatigue, etc. Scientifically proven a warm uterus helps fertility. Read more Direction to use & Cautions 2 Ways to Wear For more heat, stick the adhesive side on the OUTSIDE of your undergarments. The ingredients will be activated by maximum oxygen. Warning Warning: Do not attach the patch directly on the skin. It will cause mild burns and skin irritation. “Guan Yuan” - an acupuncture point Your four fingers down from the novel in the meridian is where the uterus is reflected. For best results, attach the heat patch from there all the way down. Read more


  • Fast & Effective Pain ReliefThese Air-Activated Stick-on patches feature an innovative ultra-heat technology to provide 8-10 hours of continuous heat and warming comfort to relieve the menstrual cramps and associated abdominal pain or backache. Compared with ThermaCare menstrual heat wraps.
  • Natural Remedy for Menstrual Cramps Non-medicated, air-activated, odor-free heating pad is formulated with premium iron powder, carbon and ginger. Just open the pouch; the wrap starts to warm on its own then peel & stick it on clothing. If you dont like pills or medication, e. g. midol, pamprin, advil or ibuprofen, this is the alternative menstrual pain relief.
  • Largest & Warmest Patch for Max Pain Relief Our hot packs are Long & Wide enough (27 x 10 cm = 10.5 x 4 inch) to cover the uterus in the temperature of 55-68C = 131-154F for maximum therapeutic relief. The ultraheat deeply penetrates to the inner lower abdomen to help the blood flow and relax the uterine muscles. Great for infertility due to cold uterus, severe dysmenorrheal, abdominal cramps, backache. Can also be used for stomach, neck & shoulder pain.
  • Comfy, Cozy & Safe- An ultra-thin design conforms to your lower abdomen so that you can hide it under clothes. They are comfortable to wear, self adhesive and stay in place on clothing. NOT directly attached on the skin. These heat pads are ideally for most skin types.
  • Will Make Your life EasierThese heating pads are Comfortable, Disposable, Discreet, Odorless and Portable. Dispose it after use. Great for women working all day, for travel or on the go. Don't let menstrual cramps hold you back. Care me Menstrual Patches are Must-Have for menstrual pain relief or PMS.

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Menstrual Heating Pads for Period Pain PMS Relief - Adhesive Heat Therapy Patches (3 Pads) for Period Cramps

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