Read more THE STORY BEHIND THE SCIENCE - With Love, Doron Santo , Founder Through my many years of travel and exploration in South East Asia, I was given the...


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Read more THE STORY BEHIND THE SCIENCE - With Love, Doron Santo , Founder Through my many years of travel and exploration in South East Asia, I was given the rare opportunity to live in japan, and fully immerse myself into their traditions and culture. I was probably one of the most well- known foreigners in Hamamatsu (A city located in western Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan), because I was able to quickly learn the language. I was given a rare opportunity to dive into Japanese Sacred Tradition that view the natural body as a singular whole and unified entity where everything is interconnected. Upon my first Onsen (Hot Spring) experience, I immediately realized the power behind this holistic approach. Immersing in Onsen you immediately feel how your body starts to detach from stress, toxins and blockages going into a complete reset.Several years after my unforgettable phenomena experience i have created ONSEN SECRET with a desire to unlock the naturally pure, renewing potential of our body within us. 13 years after inception our journey successfully continues... Read more ASIAN HEALING PHILOSOPHY IN HEART We are the first and only company in the world that have been crafting the medicinal essence of japanese hot springs minerals into beautifully made products that promise to understand your skin and you as one. With every use you will notice how our products provide an opportunity to treat the body, skin & soul as a singular whole and unified entity where everything is interconnected. Inspired by sacred Japanese tradition that have been practiced for centuries we apply attention to details, precision, dedication and unconditional love to every product we make. We break the body co-dependency on external agents and create an inspiring environment for the body to thrive on its own Read more Made with Japanese Hot Spring Minerals We use minerals and botanical from a Sacred Hot Spring in Japan to give each of our products a unique detox and replenishing boost. We distill the essence of these medicinal minerals, drop by drop into a rich antioxidant elixir which is used in every product we formulate.These minerals are treasured by the locals for their healing and energizing attributes. And they are an important part of the whole body wellness philosophy that is the inspiration for all of Onsen Secret products. Made with Organic Japanese Botanicals, Extracts & Essential Oils We add carefully select Japanese botanicals and extracts known for their superior anti-aging and antioxidant properties to enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of our products. Our products are alway infused with premium essential oils blend that will share a light scent for our products while providing your skin with nature's most wonderful gift. Visible results thanks to our proprietary delivery system In order to unlock and power within our body, within our skin, we had to develop our products to work in complete synergy with our body. All our products are based on actively charged water through infusions of therapeutic hot spring minerals from remote medicinal hot springs in Japan. Its water that keeps us live long, feel young, and that what our products will do exactly for you. Product Integrity Made with Love It's what we are all about. Since our inception in 2005, we have kept the promise we have made ourselves when we launched our Onsen Secret brand. We will not compromise on quality or sacrifice any ingredients that we include in our products. You will always get our products made in small batches for ultimate freshness while keeping their quality intact. As our founder said 13 years ago, till today...our products will always be the ones you happily give to your mom. Hot Spring Minerals Japanese Botanicals Actively Charged Product Integrity RICE BRAN OIL Rice bran is a prized anti-aging ingredient in Asia. Historically, Japanese women for centuries have used the leftover water from washing rice in the bath to soften and smooth their skin. In Japan, the phrase “you have a rice bran splendor” has been used to compliment a lady’s youthful complexion. High level of vitamin E, vitamin B, omega-9, a rich array of fatty acids, a rich source of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, CoQ10, and lycopene, that can shield skin from environmental and internal stressors. Light and readily absorbed into the skin. JAPANESE SEAWEED Seaweed grows in the ocean and is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It also has lots of iodine, which the average American diet can be lacking in, as well as B vitamins. seaweed can moisturize and calm the skin. It is also good at combating acne. The antioxidants in seaweed can help prevent free radical damage to the skin and protect against skin aging. SHEA BUTTER High levels of fatty acids and vitamin K will promote faster healing. Soaks into skin, creating a smooth and soft barrier to seal in moisture. Moisturizing effects that last for hours. Helps your skin to have a healthy turnover of new cells. JOJOBA OIL Jojoba oil is unique in that, unlike most other vegetable oils, it closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner. Being a waxy substance, Jojoba oil can seal in the moisture and create an effective barrier to external elements. It is so structurally close to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated. Read more


  • HYDRATING LEAVES: Our body lotion is infused with organic ingredients such as Hot Spring Minerals Infusion Blend, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond & Lavender Oil, Acai Berries & Green Tea Extracts, Vitamins A, C & E. This rich but light concoction is power-packed with ingredients to condition and nourish your skin for the day ahead.
  • HEALING MINERALS: The body lotion utilizes the natural healing properties of organic extracts and Japanese botanicals, to leave your skin nurtured and hydrated for days. This luxurious body lotion gives an incredible feel and soften, moisturize, rejuvenate the dry or sensitive skin.
  • REVIVE AND REPLENISH: Revive your skin the moment you wake up. With carefully selected minerals, this ultra-rich lotion relieves dryness and creates the gorgeously smooth skin. This soft body lotion provides not only long-lasting moisture but also increases skin elasticity.
  • DAILY COMPANION: Skin care is essential for everyone, so we have made an organic body lotion perfect for all skin types. Apply it in the morning, so your skin wakes up along with the rest of you, or put it on whenever you want soft, soothing skin, and get ready to appreciate yourself again. Enjoy your life and your skin without worrying about needing an untimely touch-up.
  • ECO & BIO-FRIENDLY: We are proud to say that our body lotion for women is not only Made in the USA but also made with No Parabens - No Coloring Agents - No Animal Testing. This organic body lotion is a must-have for your daily beauty routine.

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Onsen Shea Body Lotion Soft Moisturizing Organic Dry Skin Lotion All Natural, Cruelty Free Paraben Free Non Greasy Daily Body Lotion for Women 6.8 fl oz/200 ml Hydrating Leaves

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