OUR MOMENTS is a series of thought provoking games developed by people just like you, for you and your loved ones. I’m Alan. My partner and I have 3 kids....


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OUR MOMENTS is a series of thought provoking games developed by people just like you, for you and your loved ones. I’m Alan. My partner and I have 3 kids. We had to leave our home town and travel many miles away because of our work. As a result, our parents don’t get to talk to and see their grandkids as much as we all would like. We’d like to believe that they will be with us forever but we felt the kids were losing touch with them and we had to do something about it. After our successes with previous OUR MOMENTS games and seeing the improvement in our own family relationships, it was important for us to involve the grandparents. From this was born, OUR MOMENTS Generations. These travel games can go anywhere with you. They are the perfect: Camping games Dinner table games Family dinner cards Car games for kids and they are absolute road trip essentials. It’s very hard, these days, for young people to understand some of the things that the older generation went through. Don’t allow your history and the history of your family to be forgotten. You have so much information and knowledge to pass on to your grandkids that it’s just not fair to keep it to yourself. The questions in OUR MOMENTS Generations are intended to open up your hearts and minds and so that you can freely pass on your life’s lessons to the younger generation and really hear what YOUR grandkids are telling you. There are no hard and fast rules except that you have to be honest, listen and try really hard not to be judgmental. So, relax and enjoy the journey. Put away the cellphone, all the screens, turn off “The Soaps” and you’ll be amazed how much the grandkids want to talk to you. We currently have 5 Our Moments Games: Families, Kids, Couples, Generations and an adult version. Each one with 100 knowledge seeking questions. Join us in our quest to keep the door open for the people closest and most important to us to come through at any time. Everyone needs to know that they have someone they can rely on. A GAME OF CONVERSATION STARTERS FOR GREAT RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE GENERATIONS Whether with one of your grandchildren at a time or with all of them - get involved. Allow the parents to play if they promise to behave. Play with other families. The perfect way to get to know the young people you love and for them to really get to know and understand you and your generation. Read more 100 THOUGHT PROVOKING QUESTIONS You’ll be shocked to see how eager the kids are to get as much information out of you as possible. Back it up with photos or newspaper cuttings and they will be fascinated to hear the type of events you have been through during your lifetime. OUR MOMENTS - Generations is intended to bridge the ever-widening age gap and to help you to leave the door open for communication at all times not just when you are playing. If a particular topic is going well - encourage the kids to do further research on the web so you can discuss it further. There are no limitations as to where you can go with this game. Read more IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW FAR AWAY YOU LIVE FROM YOUR GRANDKIDS It’s a fact that in today’s world families are ever increasingly scattered as people need to live where their jobs are. For many grandparents this is very difficult as they don’t get to see the grandkids as much as they would like and grandma and grandpa slowly become “distant family”. This doesn’t have to happen! This game can be played anywhere and under any circumstances. Take it with you when you go to visit the kids or on road trips together. Play it with them over Skype or the phone. You never need to feel left out of the family and the grandkids will enjoy the historical and personal knowledge you are able to give them. This is a fun and enlightening game to play with your intimate family or together with friends and their grandkids. Fabulous for family get togethers and perfect for one on one or all together fun. Read more GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER… Get to know your grandchildren and let them get to know you. By playing games and letting our guard down, we invite people into our inner selves. When someone understands what it is that makes YOU tick, they are far more likely to allow you into their inner space. THAT’S BRIDGING THE AGE GAP! Become a port in the storm for these young people to approach when talking to mom and dad is too hard or when they really just want to involve you in their everyday lives. Read more MAKE IT FUN! There are no right or wrong answers and no lecturing is allowed. Things are different now - so much more than between generations of the past. Not necessarily worse, just different. Keep it light and have lots of fun, laugh and go off on a tangent, Not for nothing this is called a “thought-provoking” game. We give you the starting points but the rest is up to you. So make this a new family tradition. You’ll be amazed at the results. Read more


  • MULTI-GENERATIONAL FAMILY GAME - Allow your grandchildren to get to know you and your life and they will let you into theirs. Spend quality time with the grandkids and by telling them about your past you will bridge the age gap in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It works for parents and kids too so share it!
  • OPEN AND MEANINGFUL COMMUNICATION - The essential skill for a healthy relationship. OUR MOMENTS Generations provides the kids with 100 icebreaker questions which encourages them to reconnect with you in this age of stunted communication. Captivating and engaging playing cards featuring interesting and thought provoking topics will open up a whole new world for them and you. A perfect dinner table game.
  • FOR A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GRANDCHILDREN - This game has been especially developed to help you, grandma and grandpa, to develop a closer relationship with pre-teen and teen grandchildren. MAKE IT FUN, upbeat, simple and positive. Use this game to chat and you will create the type of bond that can never be broken. Become an integral part of your grandkids lives and they will love spending time with you.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN KNOW WHO YOU ARE, FIRST HAND - Sharing laughter and fun can foster empathy, compassion and trust with others. Grandparenting is parenting with a lot less worry so you have a hand in this! Play one on one, the whole family, extended family and friends. Perfect for holidays and family get-togethers.
  • SHARE YOUR LIFE STORIES AND YOU SHARE YOUR HEART AND SPIRIT - This question box is loaded with 100 questions that your grandkids may not have thought to ask you. Theyll remind you of great times you may have forgotten. This family friendly game makes a great gift for birthdays for your own family or friends. BUY IT NOW! There is no risk. If you are unhappy just return within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. Order 2 or more to QUALIFY for FREE SHIPPING Today.

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  • Manufacturer recommended age: 12 months and up
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  • Manufacturer: California Essentials

OUR MOMENTS Generations: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters Questions Game. Grandchildren to Grandparents - Fun Meaningful Communication For Kid w/ Grandma & Grandpa. Gift For Family Holidays A: Generations Edition

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