EXPERIENCE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WITH THE TRULY REFRESHING NATURALLY SWEETENED MATCHA ✓ Matcha from Japan ✓ Premium / Latte Grade ✓ Made with Organic Matcha Perfect for people who love...


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EXPERIENCE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WITH THE TRULY REFRESHING NATURALLY SWEETENED MATCHA ✓ Matcha from Japan ✓ Premium / Latte Grade ✓ Made with Organic Matcha Perfect for people who love Matcha lattes Sweet Matcha is made of pure organic Matcha mixed with natural special grade cane sugar. Its color is green with yellow tones and reminds you of the early spring with vibrant green-yellow shades. It also smells fresh young leaves that connect you to pure nature. Its taste is astonishing as it has a well-blended mixture of grassy notes with a mild sweetness that produces a genuinely refreshing drink. There is a subtle bitterness that does not dominate the taste. Its sweetness is just perfect. Adorable Taste What is unique about this Matcha is its distinct taste that cannot be enjoyed with other Matcha products. It has the combine goodness of USDA Organic Matcha with an infusion of a special grade cane sugar. The combination is amazing. It gives a total new exciting taste that eliminates Matcha boldness and introduces a rather sweeter drink. This is a welcome flavor even for young people as its sweetness comes with great creaminess. Well, this Matcha stands out with quality with adorable taste suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Mouth- watering Treats With its delightful taste, this Matcha may be enjoyed in more than a hundred ways. It is suitable to any delicious drink – hot or cold, such as frappes and lattes. Its right amount of sweetness makes it a refreshing drink and can also be a major flavor for other treats such as cakes, pastries, breads and even dishes. Because of its richness in flavor it will make ordinary dishes into splendid and nutritious treats. Well, the perfect blend of sweetness and the mild notes of tea leaves will make any drink or snacks special delicacies for everyone to enjoy. Delicious drinks with Sweet Matcha Latte Ingredients 250 ml milk (we recommend Almond, Coconut or Soy milk) 1 tsp of Sweet Matcha 25 ml water Preparation Heat the milk either in a pan or microwave until it is warm – but not boiling! Stir it often and use a low heat. Now mix Sweet Matcha with boiling water in another cup. You can use a latte whisk to froth the Sweet Matcha and make sure all the powder is dissolved. Add the milk to your latte glass/mug and froth the milk. Frappe Ingredients 1 cup large ice cubes (less than 10 cubes) 1 scoop vanilla ice cream 1 cup milk (240ml) 2 tsp Sweet Matcha ⅛ tsp of pure vanilla extract Preparation In a blender add ice cubes, vanilla ice cream, milk, Sweet Matcha and vanilla extract. Pulse and blend until thoroughly blended. You may garnish with a sprinkle. Smoothie Ingredients 1/2 cup yogurt 1/2 cup ice cubes 1 tsp Sweet Matcha Preparation Blend all ingredients together in electric blender. Pour into a tall glass. You may also add your favorite fruit in a blending process. Mojito Ingredients 15 sprigs fresh mint 1/2 lime cut into 4 wedges 1 tbs Sweet Matcha 1½ ounces white rum 5 ounces club soda Preparation In a tall glass, add the lime wedges, mint leaves, Sweet Matcha and muddle until all of the ingredients are mixed together. Add in the rum and club soda and top with ice. Garnish with mint and lime. Read more ABOUT MATCHA WHAT IS MATCHA Matcha is an ancient form of green tea unique to Japan and China. Instead of throwing out the leaves once the tea is brewed, Matcha is made from the whole green tea leaf, which is specially grown and ground into a finely-powdered form. MATCHA ORIGIN Matcha tea has a long history that dates back as far as the 11th century in Japan. It is thought that a Zen Monk by the name of Eisai brought green tea seeds from China and began planting the tea in monasteries. Believing the tea leaves had the ability to promote longevity and to cure certain ailments, Eisai would crush the leaves into a rough powder and drink them blended in water. This first form of matcha tea was considered a precious medicine and was only consumed by a select few. This matcha comes from Japan. CAFFEINE CONTENT Unlike other teas, which use tea bags or tea leaves that are removed from the hot water after steeping, matcha preparation involves consuming the ground tea leaves themselves. Because you are ingesting the entire green tea leaf, the caffeine content is much greater than green tea that is steeped. On average, Matcha contains less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. NATURAL BITTER TASTE Not all people fell in love with matcha taste from the first sight. It’s the same experience as with coffee and tea- you begin to love it after few cups! Most people after drinking it for a few days start to crave the nutritious flavor of matcha. There are many variations of matcha- from bitter to savory or sweet. Each person needs to find his matcha match that meets his expectations. Making latte, frappe, adding it to your favorite smoothie or baking goods is an excellent way to become accustomed to a new taste. MATCHA HEALTH BENEFITS · Anti-aging · Detoxification · Weight loss · Increased energy and endurance · Mental relaxation · Immunity boost MATCHA GRADE Premium / Latte grade matcha green tea powder comes from the second harvest of the year. Leaves have higher levels of catechins than first spring leaves. When brewed in a traditional way, a slight bitterness might be noticeable. Flavor is stronger and grassy, but still appropriate for traditional brewing. However, premium/ latte grade matcha green tea powder is best for making lattes, frappes and smoothies. STORING AND EXPIRATION DATE Matcha Green Tea Powder is a delicate product. It doesn’t like heat, air, moisture or light. Matcha lasts about two years on the shelf. If your matcha has expired, we recommend baking with it. After opening the pouch it should be used up within two months maximum to ensure freshness, color, and creamy flavor. The best way to keep it fresh is to store it sealed in a cool, dark and dry place. We recommend the fridge. ANTIOXIDANTS LEVEL IN FOOD „Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” J.R.


  • SWEET MATCHA GREEN TEA LATTE FRAPPE MIX is an energy booster and sustains energy for 4 to 5 hours with a distinct sharpness in mind and alert body. The natural increase in energy is not accompanied with a jittery feeling and thus, free from any adverse side effects.
  • PROVEN to have 137 times more antioxidants than green tea. The richness in antioxidants strengthens the whole body keeping it healthy.
  • RATED TO HAVE THE HIGHEST antioxidant Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) ratings among antioxidant-rich food like chocolate, spinach and different kinds of berries. Catechins, the antioxidants work with chlorophyll to increase metabolism by 30 - 45% for ideal weight management.
  • RECOMMENDED for a delicious and refreshing frappe as it contains all natural flavors in a well-balanced blend sweetness and bitterness taste bringing out a wholesome and superior Matcha drink.
  • GUARANTEED to be of premium quality as it is made of 100% organic high grade tea leaves from expert tea producers.

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Sweet Matcha Green Tea Powder Mix- Made with 100% Organic Matcha - Perfect for Making Green Tea Latte or Frappe. (1 x 12oz) 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

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